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Shed-less and De-flea treatments

Say goodbye to excessive fur thanks to our complete Shed-less treatment. It includes shampoo, conditioning treatment and a complete blow dry and brush out.


Your dogs will thank you with sloppy kisses after receiving a flea treatment bath. Rid your pet of itchy predators with our all-natural ingredients.  

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                  Touch Me Up

  • Face – trimming between eyes

  • Feet – trimming under and between pads

  • Fannie – trimming around the rear area

  • Under Belly – trimming belly and around private parts


            Zen Clean

        Bath with shampoo &


  • Blow dry and brush

  • Nails clipped

  • Ears cleaned

  • Hairs plucked as needed

A la carte options

  • Anal gland expression

  • Brush teeth

  • Blueberry facial

  • De-mat

  • Ear cleaning and plucking

  • Nail trim

  • Nail trim with Dremel

Upgrade to Zen Total

Enhance any grooming service with an add-on package for $20.00 in addition to your Zen Clean or Full-Service Grooming.


Your options include: teeth brushing, breath freshener, blueberry facial scrub, soothing paw massage, and anal expression

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  Full-Service Grooming

This special deal includes all of the Zen Clean services plus a complete haircut! We can do breed standards or your personal requests.  

*Please be aware that all grooming prices are subject to change depending on circumstances such as, coat density, excessive matting, excessive dirt, staining, odor, or a dog that is more difficult to groom (aggressive, older, or very active).