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Your local source for gentle pet grooming

The Zen Pet Retail & Grooming department offers a relaxing and tranquil environment for your dog thanks to minimal wait times. We strive to make sure your pet’s time spent with us is as comfortable as possible.


Our friendly staff specializes in grooming all dogs from your first-timers to disabled and senior canines.


My name is Shana, and I am a “Certified Animal Lover". I have the highest respect and affection for your furry family members.  


My grooming career began in 2007 as a bather with PetSmart. I discovered that I loved animal care so much that I pursued my education in the PetSmart Grooming Academy. I became a Certified Professional Groomer!


For the next 4 joyful years, I continued as a groomer with PetSmart. From there, I was employed at a full-service veterinary clinic as a groomer; I gained a wealth of knowledge.


As a dedicated groomer, I know it's not only about making our pets fashionable, but also about educating you, as pet parents, on the importance of grooming practices and techniques. I'm always thrilled to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your pet.


Call now to schedule a personal consultation with our team.



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Our Amazing Groomers


My name is Tasha. I joined the grooming industry in 2011.  I started as a bather and worked my way up to a groomer in 2013. I'm constantly educating myself on new techniques and products to help your furry friend look its best. I have a passion for taking a dirty, overgrown pup and making it look it's most adorable. As a creative type, I love to add flair to every pet.  Be it with bows, nail polish, or a splash of color.

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My name is Alisha. I gained a passion for grooming while watching the groomer at my very first dog-related job in 2007. I convinced her to train me during downtime from my own job and even stayed after hours to learn as much as I could. I moved on to a salon where I bathed and blow-dried 20-40 dogs per day all while watching the groomers' every move, soaking up as much technique as possible.


I finally started grooming full-time in 2009 working for a mobile grooming company and never looked back. I drove all over Atlanta and its surrounding cities making "house-calls" for cats and dogs. As a mobile groomer, I learned to work successfully with difficult and/or geriatric pets while also fine-tuning my grooming techniques and skills as I went. I love having fun with interesting and unique clips, festive accessories or nail polish just as much as I enjoy making a pooch more comfortable and easier to maintain at home.


Today, I have lived in and loved New Orleans (my husband's hometown) since 2014. I worked for a local doggy daycare as their full-time and only groomer for 3+ years. I left when the company sold, and now I am here at Zen Pet where I get to work alongside the most talented groomers I have met in the city. I look forward to meeting you and your precious pups!