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5.0 star rating 10/22/2014

I was very impressed with the merchandise in this store from carrying local artists leashes, bowls, etc and specialty foods.  Belinda, the owner is a sweetheart and very helpful.  She is a wealth of information when it comes to the healthy needs of your animals!  I bought both my Mastiff & German Shepherd a collar for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  My German Shepherd enjoyed her bath tremendously, so make sure they have a spa service! My Bella highly recommends it! Cassie, Belinda's chocolate Lab loves greeting the clients!  Lynda D.



5.0 star rating 12/12/2014

I adopted a toy poodle just a year ago and began looking for businesses to support us because I knew that I would not want to feed her purina dog chow or the like. I try to consume healthy, not mass produced food and I want the same for her.  Zen is the answer. The owner is totally committed to high quality food. She carefully and meticulously sources her products. She knows the companies and the ingredients. She has been my go to source for information, answers, tips, etc. Not only about food, but training and caring for my dog. She was the one who told me that it was my fear of other dogs that generated my dog's anxiety. Now when we visit Zen my dog no longer freaks out around her gentle lab.  Her groomer is excellent.  My dog gets more than the usual compliments after being groomed at Zen. The name, Zen, is fitting, Zen has brought me immense peace and tranquility.  Lauren A.



5.0 star rating 6/19/2015

This store is beautiful and clean! I was looking for a certain kind of food and Zen Pet is the only retailer in the area that carries it. I had the pleasure of talking with Belinda for several minutes about different kinds of food and the feed back from her other customers pertaining to the food I was interested in. Zen Pet had several gift items and hand made pet items and good quality food choices. I will be back. :)  Monica H.



5.0 star rating 12/7/2015

Loved this place! Most places charge me $ 70 + to bathe my golden retriever. Zen Pet is much more affordable. The staff is friendly and the place is very quiet and clean. My dog, Annie, gets very anxious when there are a lot of dogs barking at a grooming salon. I didn't hear any of this. She seemed as happy as can be when I picked her up and wasn't frazzled at all. They did a tremendous job brushing her out. We will definitely be regular customers!  Katie B



5.0 star rating 12/8/2015

Love to stop by this NOLA shop with my two senior giant macro critters and visit while buying the best organic food I can get for them (Acana by Orijen). Grooming is fantastic, they take both German shepherds at the same time for bath and brush, and use all natural organic products. Can't beat the price and commitment to a thorough grooming job on both of them. All the treats are high quality, many local, with organically sourced ingredients. Toys are durable and varied, lots of bones and choices too. Many local art pieces and decorative bowls and such (plus high quality basics like leashes and brushes). Just did Christmas pictures here and they turned out fantastic! We live nearby in uptown New Orleans and dogs love to walk over quite often to this great neighborhood shop.  James L.



5.0 star rating 4/5/2016

Brought my goldendoodle here after having a bad experience somewhere else. The staff was very kind when I called and got us right in at the time I requested. When we got there we were met at the door by Cassie who is a sweet lab, Her owner was awesome helping us get acclimated. When I picked up my girl she looked perfect and was not all stressed out from the grooming. She was groomed  just the way I requested. It was quick and she was done at the time they said she would be. Made our next appointment before leaving. I highly recommend to everyone.  Jill C.



5.0 star rating 6/22/2016

I finally found a groomer who knows how to trim a Maltese  I will definitely be a regular! My furbaby smells so good, too!  Alyssa H.



5.0 star rating 1/2/2017

What a wonderful place. They do an amazing job grooming the dogs whether you know how you want them to look or just want to leave it up to them.  Kyle S.



May 6, 2017

I wish there was an answer to canine illiteracy so my dog could tell you why he pulls me there, even when he has no appointment. I just love having a local place where I can get my dog to look like the fancy dog he is. Buena B.